Cristy Carson

Paralegal at Keuhner Law Firm

Cristy Carson




About Cristy

Cristy is a paralegal and former No-Fault insurance adjuster with over 15 combined years of experience directly related to personal injury claims and litigation.

As a former claims adjuster, Cristy knows first-hand how complex and daunting the claims process can be and the impact that accidents and injuries can have on people’s lives.

Her expertise in the field and passion for helping people led her to assist hundreds of injured claimants, and help them navigate through the No-Fault system. Cristy’s unique experience and training in insurance has allowed her to bring an insider’s knowledge to her role as a paralegal and has been invaluable in assisting Plaintiffs throughout the litigation process.

Cristy has been a successful litigation paralegal for over 10 years. As a paralegal, Cristy is committed to making a difference in people’s lives and has strived to go above and beyond to ensure they are fairly compensated. Cristy possesses a passion for litigation and has garnered substantial experience in all types of personal injury claims – from car accidents, wrongful deaths, medical malpractice to products liability—both before, during, and after litigation.