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Personal Injury Tips

Short videos and tips to help yourself and your lawyer with your case.

VIDEO: Workplace Injuries

In New York, under most circumstances a worker can’t sue their employer when they’re hurt, but that’s not the end of the analysis. Particularly in dangerous jobs, there are rules that require lots of people to protect a worker. Through an experienced...
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Car Crashes

They want to know if it’s time to hire a lawyer. The answer to that question is complicated, because in New York a lawyer can only bring a case for you if you suffer what’s known as a serious injury. That’s defined...
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VIDEO: Help Yourself

First: You Need to Make Sure You Get Appropriate Medical Care You need to get to the right type of doctor, and you need to make sure that doctor understands all of your problems. Don’t tell the doctor your knee hurts if...
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VIDEO: Help Your Lawyer

First: You Need to Keep Evidence If your case is one where you slipped and fell, you should keep your shoes. Your lawyer is going to need them to prove that it wasn’t your shoes that made you fall, but something else....
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VIDEO: Root Cause Analysis

Take for Example a Woman Who’s Seriously Injured When Her Car Hits a Barrier on the Highway She hit the barrier because she was trying to dodge a tarp that was in the road. The tarp was in the road because it...
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