About Kuehner Law Firm

Making a Safer Community with Every Case

Our Vision

Kuehner Law Firm strives to be a force for good in the world. We view every case as an opportunity to make a person’s life better and make a difference in our community. We are the voice for widows, children, the hurt, and disabled.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people who are injured and make the world safer. To fulfill this mission, our goals are to maximize every client’s compensation and obtain justice by holding careless parties responsible.   We help make our clients whole after an injury so they can obtain the highest level of health and quality of life. We shed light on the carelessness and misdeeds of drivers, hospitals and healthcare providers, employers, corporations, property owners, and nursing homes. By holding people accountable for breaking safety rules, we prevent future injuries in our community.

Our team approaches every case with passion and crafts a strategy tailored to the needs of each case. Clients can expect to be treated with respect, compassion, and as a friend.

Our Core Values

Respect and Dignity

We treat every person with respect and dignity.


We are compassionate and recognize the impact and importance of life-changing injuries in our client’s lives

Positive Outlook

We have a positive outlook even in the face of challenges.


We are hardworking and devote our workday to our clients’ problems.


We are creative problem-solvers.

Integrity and Honor

We act with integrity and work to restore honor to the legal profession.


We work as a team, knowing we will accomplish more by working together.

Greater Good

We have concern for the greater good and find fulfillment through our work and service to others. 

What Makes Us Different

Kuehner Law Firm does not advertise on TV or take in a large volume of cases. We believe that every case deserves time and attention in order to obtain the best outcome possible. Our firm invests great human and financial resources into all of our cases in order to obtain the maximum compensation for the client. We pride ourselves on taking only a fraction of the cases which come to us and we give our clients quality legal services. The professionals at KLF will analyze cases for free and give a recommendation for the next steps needed for a case.

Our Team

Crafting a Unique Strategy For Every Case.

Our team approaches every case with passion–crafting a unique strategy for each case. Clients can expect to be treated with respect, compassion, and as a friend. We have over 65 years of combined legal experience.

Kevin Kuehner - Syracuse Personal Injury

Kevin P. Kuehner, Esq.

Syracuse Personal Injury Lawyer

Kevin Kuehner is a Syracuse personal injury attorney with more than 15 years of experience in representing people with life-changing personal injuries. He represents clients who have been killed or hurt due to motor vehicle crashes, medical errors, work-related accidents, negligent property owners, faulty products, and nursing home neglect and abuse.

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Donna Harris

Office Coordinator
Donna is our office coordinator. Her role is to facilitate the work of the paralegal and legal staff...
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