Donna Harris

Office Coordinator for Kuehner Law Firm

Donna Harris

Office Coordinator



About Donna

Donna is our office coordinator. Her role is to facilitate the work of the paralegal and legal staff to ensure that our clients’ cases move quickly and efficiently to conclusion. She handles everything from file maintenance to booking flights for experts. If one of our paralegal or legal staff members needs something done to help a client, Donna is our go-to team member.

Before joining our office Donna has diverse experience in the human resources and bookkeeping fields.

For 15 years Donna worked in the human resources department of a manufacturing facility in Central New York. While working in a factory Donna saw firsthand the efforts that need to be taken when workers are exposed to dangerous jobs and hazardous worksites. Donna was a part of the team that oversaw and documented worker safety programs for all employees. Sadly, as part of the human resources department, she also saw the devastating effects that worker injuries had on her co-workers and their families.

Donna later took over her family’s business when her sister became ill. Her willingness to step into and take over demonstrates Donna’s commitment to helping others overcome the terrible consequence of catastrophic illness or injury. It was that spirit of helping and stepping up to help others overcome that drew Donna to our office.

Donna has one daughter and 4 grandchildren and enjoys reading historical fiction and mystery novels in her spare time.