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When Someone's Hurt in a Car Crash, They Want to Know If They Have a Case

Car Crashes

When Someone's Hurt in a Car Crash, They Want to Know If They Have a Case

They want to know if it’s time to hire a lawyer. The answer to that question is complicated, because in New York a lawyer can only bring a case for you if you suffer what’s known as a serious injury. That’s defined and there are several categories of what is and is not a serious injury.

A lawyer is going be most useful when the fight is over whether or not the pain that just won’t go away is a serious injury. That takes time, and the reason why it takes time is for pain to be a serious injury from a car crash in New York, it has to be something that your doctors think is going to be permanent.

We need to be able to verify that the pain is real we need to be able to explain what’s causing the pain, such as a herniated disc that’s pushing on a nerve, and then we have to be able to show to the court that pain changes the way you live your daily life. All of this requires the lawyer to cooperate with the doctor, and the patient or client to do their job following up and trying to get better.

The Answer Is:

If you’re hurt in a car crash you probably do need to talk to a lawyer, but most importantly you need to work with your doctor and do everything you can to get better.

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