VIDEO: Criminal Court vs. Civil Court

VIDEO: Criminal Court vs. Civil Court

When someone’s hurt and brings a personal injury claim, it's brought in civil court.

Civil court is different from criminal court.

Most of us are familiar with criminal court because we watch TV. We know that the police have to read us our rights, and we know that the jury will make its decision beyond a reasonable doubt. Civil court which handles personal injury claims, wrongful death claims, and medical practice claims is different, and it’s different two main respects.


The first is that the burden of proof is very different in civil court. When someone’s accused of a crime in criminal court, the jury makes its decision beyond a reasonable doubt. They need to be very sure that the defendant did something wrong. In civil cases the jury is told that they need to make their decision based on what seems more likely true: what’s more right than wrong.

The second main difference is that the purpose of civil court is the compensate and not punish. The jury is asked to evaluate the extent of injuries from the careless conduct, and fairly compensate the person that’s hurt.

It’s those two main differences that distinguish criminal and civil courts, and knowing that difference will help you understand how a lawyer is going to handle your personal injury case.

Criminal Court vs. Civil Court

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