VIDEO: Help Your Lawyer

Three Simple Tips to Help Your Lawyer if You Have Been Injured

VIDEO: Help Your Lawyer

If You've Been Hurt Because of Someone Else's Carelessness, There Are Certain Things That You Can Do to Help Your Lawyer

First: You Need to Keep Evidence

If your case is one where you slipped and fell, you should keep your shoes. Your lawyer is going to need them to prove that it wasn’t your shoes that made you fall, but something else.

Second: You Need to Be Honest With Your Lawyer

You need to keep your lawyer updated and you need to tell the lawyer all the information that he or she will need to evaluate your case.

If your case is about a hurt neck you need to tell your lawyer if you have a past history of an injured neck. Just having an injury doesn’t mean you can’t bring a case, it means your lawyer needs to present the case in a way that shows the back injury was made worse by the injury you suffered.

Third: You Need to Keep Your Case Private

In today’s day and age everything seems to end up on social media. Be mindful of the fact that defense lawyers may gain access to those posts. If you feel you have something you need to share, it’s best to share it with your lawyer and let them know what you’re thinking and get their advice.