VIDEO: Root Cause Analysis

When Someone is Seriously Hurt, They Want to Know Who Caused Their Injury

VIDEO: Root Cause Analysis

When someone is seriously hurt, they ask why. They want to know who caused their injury.

That's a good question and it can be hard to answer, because there's often more than one cause for an incident.

Take for Example a Woman Who’s Seriously Injured When Her Car Hits a Barrier on the Highway

  • She hit the barrier because she was trying to dodge a tarp that was in the road.
  • The tarp was in the road because it had been knocked off of a construction truck.

By asking those questions of why something happened, you get to the real answer. That process is called root cause analysis.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Uses Root Cause Analysis in Order to Get the Real Answer for the Cause of an Incident

By using that process you would eventually learn that the tarp fell off the construction truck because the light that warns that the tarp arm is elevated had been burned out. By applying those principles, a personal injury lawyer can better understand and explain to a judge and jury not only what happened, but WHY it happened. That knowledge is going to let them be more successful for the client, and it’s those types of successes that make the system safer.