VIDEO: Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

When someone suffers a traumatic brain injury, they’re in a unique situation.

Their injury is what the medical community sometimes calls invisible injury.

It’s invisible because unlike a broken arm or a hurt back or another type of injury, there’s nothing that you can see. The client often looks healthy and well.

When someone has suffered a traumatic brain injury, their symptoms can be very complex. Those symptoms include many different issues that the CDC has even recognized as confusing enough that doctors often missed the diagnosis.

If you or someone you know suffered a traumatic brain injury, you need to seek the right type of person injury lawyer. A lawyer with experience handling brain injury cases will know about the unique evidentiary issues. They’ll know the tests that are needed so that that injury can explained in a way that the jury will understand. Only with that unique knowledge and experience will a personal injury lawyer be in the best position to help their client.

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