VIDEO: Workplace Injuries

Is Workers' Compensation My Only Option?

VIDEO: Workplace Injuries

When Someone Is Seriously Injured at Work, They Ask: Is Workers' Compensation My Only Option?

That's a great question.

In New York, under most circumstances a worker can’t sue their employer when they’re hurt, but that’s not the end of the analysis. Particularly in dangerous jobs, there are rules that require lots of people to protect a worker.

Through an experienced personal injury lawyer, the worker can investigate whether any of those rules were broken and if they were, the worker can bring what’s known as a third-party claim. Additionally, depending on the type of job, there are special laws in New York that provide more protection. The most obvious is the scaffold law that protects construction workers when they’re working at a height.

Workplace Injuries

Because of how serious on-the-job injuries can be, there are lots of opportunities for an injured worker through his or her attorney to seek additional compensation.


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