Personal Injury Lawyer Referral Program

We can help your client, family member, or friend.

We rely on our colleagues to refer us cases. The overwhelming majority of KLF cases have been referred to us by another attorney. We’ve taken cases referred to us by lawyers from as close as Syracuse and as far as Vidalia, Louisiana. Over the years, we have ensured a strong working relationship with our referral partners throughout the state and country. We are proud to work with referring attorneys on case, after case. The trust they show in asking KLF to help their clients is respected.

If you are an attorney and believe you have a case with which we can assist, please contact us. We can help your client, family member, or friend. You don’t need to invest time and money in gathering records or starting a claim. Our staff will be happy to handle those aspects. If we receive a referral, we will contact you and the client within 24 hours to start the process of investigating the claim.

Attorney Referrals are Highly Valued at KLF

In 2012 Kevin Kuehner taught a Continuing Legal Education course, through the bar association, with course content on referring personal injury cases. In this ethics course, Kevin taught lawyers the rules, rights and obligations in attorney to attorney referrals. We carefully follow all the rules related to attorney referrals to ensure that lawyers referring cases to KLF are compensated for their efforts.

We look forward to working with you and making the community safer with every case.

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